Welcome to Danish Solar Energy Ltd. - An innovative Danish company.
An inexpensive , sustainable and climate-friendly energy source

Danish Solar Energy Ltd. was established in 1993, and has more than 20 years of experience within photovoltaic systems. This ensures a unique level of technical know-how and expertise.

Danish Solar Energy Ltd. manufactures and sells a wide range of 'high-end’ products, where solar panels are integrated in roofs, facades, shading louvers or directly integrated into the windows - the BIPV products. We are using the latest technology in both regular and bifacial solar cells.

Our approach is to deliver high-quality products where we control and guarantee the end-to-end delivery. The projects are being carried out in close cooperation with the customer.

The wide spread of deliveries range from small pump systems for farmers in rural areas to large grid connected systems in the developed world. We are conducting business worldwide.

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Solar Energy is the Worlds Cleanest Energy Source