Building Integrated Photovoltaic BIPV
Building integrated photovoltaic BIPV

The aesthetic alternative - building integration

Danish Solar Energy Ltd. manufactures a wide range of 'high end' modules for building integration (BIPV) in the construction of a large number of roofs, facades, shading louvers or directly integrated into the windows. We always use the latest technology in solar cells, and a wide range of 'high end' solar cells in many colors, and semi-transparent monocrystalline cells, which we laser cut ourselves.
We strive to deliver the finest design to our customers without compromising the performance. We put in a very great pride in ensuring, that our production is conducted in the least polluting way, without either compromising quality or design ..

Building integrated photovoltaics are very elegant, and can increase a property's value and appearance.

Link to our new webpage: here you some of the options, where integration is possible:

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Building Integrated Photovoltaic BIPV